Accessories Part 3: Colorful Pom Poms for this Summer

Accessories with pom poms are a major thing. I have seen a little bit of them in sweaters in the past. Their colors were muted. This summer they are colorful.

They are present in shoes.

South Parade Pom Pom Espadrilles



MANGO Pompom sandals



They are also present in bags and hats.

Alex-Max Straw Tote W/ Large Pom Poms



Mixed Pom Pom Hat



Dresses exhibit them.

ASOS PETITE Stripe Off Shoulder Sundress with Embroidery and Pom Poms



DODO BAR OR Yehoray Mini Dress



However, it is in jewelry where they are the most colorful and attractive.

SHASHI Zoe Earring



MANGO Bead loop earrings



Rebecca Minkoff Savanna Pom Pom Anklet



My top choice is the anklet, which I have. I think it is an unusual, unique anklet. Thanks for reading.

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