Geometric Shapes in Jewelry: Crescents

Crescents and fringes have been very common concepts found in jewelry design since last year. I like crescent shapes. However, when it comes to fringes, I like them not to be in excess. I think fringes look pretty on bracelets though. There are some selections online that I would like to share. Of course, my … [Read more…]

Shoes Fall 2013

Hello everybody, It has been a very busy week in trying to keep up with all the housework. However, I have been able to scan for more Fall 2013 trends, especially in shoes. D’Orsay flats are still very popular but D’Orsay pumps and booties are also very fashionable. Kitten heels are also very on-trend. However, … [Read more…]

More 2013 Fall Fashion Trends

Hello everybody, I feel like writing about something that I have found recently while scanning different shopping websites, especially now that my house is so peaceful while my little ones are sleeping. It is about specific designs of a very feminine item, the skirt. Lack of symmetry, zippers and origami / angular hems are trendy. … [Read more…]