Sporty Girl – Part 2

This is my second post regarding how to be sporty chic. Last week I covered everything related to sneakers. On this post I will write more about other clothing items. The following images include all the fashion trends that are popular now: sweatshirts, metallic items, sneakers, cocoon coats, matching sets with crop tops and football … [Read more…]

Sporty Girl – Part 1

One of the trends that has caught my attention recently is the “sporty look.” It consists of wearing sporty shoes (sneakers mainly) with a non-sporty outfit. The images from Chanel show that sneakers are being worn with girly pastel outfits. I do not remember when was the last time I wore sneakers with a dress … [Read more…]

Matching Sets and Crop Tops

Something that I have seen almost on every shopping website is a matching set. This seems to be going against another main trend, print / pattern mixing. Matching sets usually involve a crop top and a skirt. Here are my favourite picks. This time I have selected both expensive and affordable choices, most of them … [Read more…]

Beach Time – Part 2

Today is a little bit warmer here in the Boston area. It is 0 degrees Celsius, and it is definitely better than few days ago. However, I guess everybody here wants spring and summer temperatures as soon as possible (even though that is not possible for the next two months at least). Of course, there … [Read more…]

Beach Time – Part 1

This is my first post concerning everything regarding beach clothing and accessories. Right now in the Boston area, the temperature is getting very cold and we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow evening. I am starting to miss the last two weeks in which the temperature was around 10 Celsius (it felt higher than that though). … [Read more…]

Sweet Hearts

Recently everything with a heart print or texture has been catching my eye. I have never been a big fan of clothing items with heart prints (I found them way too girly even though I consider myself girly). However, heart prints are basically on a variety of clothing items and accessories. If I have to … [Read more…]