Beach Time – Part 1

This is my first post concerning everything regarding beach clothing and accessories. Right now in the Boston area, the temperature is getting very cold and we are expecting a snowstorm tomorrow evening. I am starting to miss the last two weeks in which the temperature was around 10 Celsius (it felt higher than that though). … [Read more…]

Sweet Hearts

Recently everything with a heart print or texture has been catching my eye. I have never been a big fan of clothing items with heart prints (I found them way too girly even though I consider myself girly). However, heart prints are basically on a variety of clothing items and accessories. If I have to … [Read more…]

Graphic Tees and Sweatshirts

Graphic tees are one of those clothing items that some women do not like to wear. They are considered too “casual” and it is not something that most women can use after a certain age. I love graphic tees, and I confess I am very lucky still to wear them with jeans and maxi skirts. … [Read more…]