1. Hi,

    I just found out about your blog and I am enjoying reading your post about Outlander.

    Have you read The Exile? It will give a lot of inside look at the plans Geillis had for getting rid of Jamie and Claire !!!!

    • Piolina

      Thanks for reading my blog. It makes me so happy that you are liking it too. Regarding The Exile, I have not read it yet even though I have it. I guess I should read it after finishing The Fiery Cross. Everything regarding Geillis’ plans I just figured it out by reading Voyager. I will most likely write an Addendum to this post once I am done reading The Exile. I am currently reading the chapter called The Frenchman Gold in The Fiery Cross, and I am pretty impressed with it. Diana’s writing gets better with time (no question about it).

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