1. Linda Murphy

    Very insightful article. In a book I’ve read titled, “Is There An Afterlife”, by David Fontana, there are some anecdote’s regarding OBE’s, in which person’s having the OBE’s were seen by the person they visited during the OBE. So I would guess that it is possible that what Frank saw was Jamie’s OBE. We know he didn’t die at Culloden but based on the age Diana says he is in that appearance, he may have been at Culloden,near death, or in a recovery state at Lallybroch. Based on his age, It would be close to the time after Claire’s departure back through the stones I think.

    • Piolina

      A chunk of my essay that will be published this spring is about Jamie’s OBEs. Unfortunately I cannot release any information about it since the publisher owns it.

    • Piolina

      Sorry for my quick reply earlier on. First, thanks for sharing the book by David Fontana. I will take a look at it. For my essay I used the following source: Blackmore, Susan J. Beyond the Body. 1982. Chicago: Academy Chicago Publishers,
      1992. Print.
      I have the impression the author is an atheist (I am not), and I decided to use a scientific approach to explain OBEs. You should probably take a look at it. I find it informative and enjoyable. Thanks for reading my post.

  2. Linda Murphy

    Thanks. I will check that book out. I find the subject very interesting. Excited to read the rest of you blogs, since I’ve just found them yesterday!

  3. Have I missed a reference to the frequently mentioned colour of Jamie’s eyes? In fact colours are often mentioned and imprint identiy on characters. Finding an actress with Whisky coloured eyes was obviously impossible.
    Thanks for your serious approach to the books. I arrive via videos but am super to book seven. I have serious reading to do but I seem to be seduced by the reading, a bit like keeping in touch with people I need to know. Although I lament Claire and Jamie’s ageing and sometimes wonder why I’m interested in their daily affairs, I still seem to continue reading.
    This hasn’t happened to me before! But I love some proper analysis. Facebook pages tend to be elderly women drooling over Jamie. I’m probably on that category but don’t flaunt it and also want more than that from my enthralment.

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